What happens after an asthma attack?

In the days after an asthma attack you may feel very tired. Give yourself time to recover and rest as much as you need to. With the right help and advice, you will soon return to your normal life.

Follow your asthma plan

Your asthma action plan will tell you what to do in case of an asthma attack. You may need to step-up your treatment for a while, or you may have to increase or change your controller medication. Remember that your action plan is tailored to your needs and applies only to you.

Note your recovery in your daily asthma journal so that you can accurately describe the situation to your healthcare provider.

Consult your healthcare provider

After a self-managed asthma attack, you must book an appointment with your doctor, possibly within two weeks. If you were treated for your asthma attack in a hospital or by paramedics in an ambulance, you must see a doctor for a follow-up visit (usually within seven days of the asthma attack, or 1-2 days for children).

During the visit, your healthcare provider will:

  • Check your level of symptom control and how your symptoms affect your daily life (e.g., limitations of activities, use of reliever medicines, night wakings triggered by asthma etc.).
  • Review your written asthma action plan (or give you a plan if you don’t already have one).
  • Check your adherence to your asthma treatment and if you have any difficulties in following it.
  • Review your inhaler technique.
  • Consider a step-up in treatment if necessary.

Review your asthma treatment

Even if you feel better, your asthma may still not be well-controlled and you could be at risk of another asthma attack. Your doctor may suggest a change in treatment to prevent further attacks. You may be able to identify the potential cause of the attack, such as an external trigger, and make some lifestyle changes to avoid future attacks.

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